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coming up. >> thank you wyatt. >>> now the latest on last week's deadly mine explosion in west virginia. mining inspectors are investigating 30 other underground mines owned by the company. they found more than 06 serious violations in west virginia, kentucky and virginia. 29 people were killed in the explosion at the company's upper big branch mine. >>> the volcano in iceland forced a no-fly zone for a second day. a cloud of ash grounded flights and turned airports into make-shift motels for tens of thousands of stranded travelers. in amsterdam passengers are not boarding. they are getting blankets for make-shift beds set up in the terminal. 2,000 people spent the night there. today alone estimated 17,000 flights will be canceled. that's the worse disruption of air travel since 9/11. the cloud can bring down a jetliner if it is sucked up into the engine. it is covering northern europe all the way over to russia. >> our radar is not sufficiently reliable. even the radar on the ground to be able to tell us where these particles are in every instance. the only possible way of handling thi
for the mine industry. this comes on the heels of an explosion that killed 29 miners in west virginia last week. the president received a preliminary report on the disaster today. he warned mining companies that safety should be first in their daily activities. >> owners responsibility for the conditions in the mines should be held accountable for the decisions they made and preventive measures they failed to take. >> west virginia's governor wants the miners in the state to show up for work to do safety checks of the mines. investigators who find safety violations will decide whether to evacuate or close the mines until they are fixed. upper big branch was cited four times this year for violations that may have caused the explosion. >>> the families of two western maryland coal miners who died in 2007 are seeking $8 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. the families filed the complaint today. the defendants include tristar mining incorporated. mining engineers and safety training expert and the mine land's owner. the men were crushed to death beneath thousands of understand the of rock when the
club. >>> the tragedy continues in west virginia. searchers back in the coal mine this morning trying to recover the last nine bodies from the explosion that killed 29 men. high methane gas readings prevented searchers from going in the mine yesterday. today they are using fans to help the ventilation systems and clear some of the dirty air. federal investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused the explosion. this is the worst u.s. mining disaster since 1970. >>> poland is in mourning. investigators say the tragedy may be due to human error. there were no technical problems and russia's airport says the pilot was flying too low in the fog, missed the runway when trying to land. both russia and ukraine declared a day of mourning today and tens of thousands filled the streets to pay final respects to the president. >>> the vatican is telling high-ranking clerics if they discover sexual abuse by police they should report it to the police. it's part of response that they avoided years of abuse. it's spelled out on the virginia tech can web site. >>> -- vet can web site. >>>
will be on board. >>> now to a developing story tonight. mines in west virginia may be required to install barometers to catch the danger of explosive gas. this comes after the deadly explosion that killed 29 miners. safety panel wants to require daily barometer readings, recordkeeping and training. fallfalling barometric pressure can cause an explosion. >>> the nfl has suspended pittsburgh steeler's quarterback ben rothlesberger for six games without pay for violating the nfl's person conduct policy. if he maintains good behavior it could be reduced to four games. last week prosecutors we sided not to charge ben rothlesberger after a 20-year-old college student accused him of sexual assaulting her. police resended permission for a trooper to work as a personal assistant to ben rothlesberger because he was the quarterback at the time of the incident. >>> tomorrow, president obama will push his financial reform plan for wall street. now, the bill would increase regulations on financial transactions and create a new consumer protection office. republicans are taking their first steps in supp
, coming up. >>> defense contractor northrop grumman chose virginia over maryland for its new corporate headquarters. maryland and dc competed for the headquarters. the company will relocate from l.a. ploys about 300 people at its headquarters but those jobs are mostly executive positions. they provide aerospace electronics, information systems and technical services and employs about 120,000 people overall. >>> good news for sports clothing giant underarmor. it's first quarter revenues jumped 80%. quarterly revenue for baltimore-based company jumped. they credit strong apparel sales for the increase. >>> after allegations they cheated investors goldman sachs executives are answering tough questions today. at a hearing this morning lawmakers accused corporate executives of being greedy at the expense of taxpayers. goldman is already facing charges that it misled clients by selling them mortgage investments secretly designed to fail. the ceo lloyd blankfein denied it but lawmakers just weren't buying it. >> goldman repeatedly put its own interests and profits ahead of the interests of it
degree reading down in culpepper, virginia. through the rest of the evening, staying pleasant in the 60s. generally cloudy skies. we'll talk more about when the clouds may spit out a little bit of rain coming up. kelly? >> thanks, wyatt. >>> today, america lost a piece of its history. civil rights activist and long time president of the negro council dorrly height has died. she helped orchestrate the civil rights movement of the 1960s. late activist c. delores tucker once called her a legacy. we'll have more coming up tonight at 5:30. >>> tonight, a visitation is being held for former naacp executive director dr. benjamin hooks. the visitation runs through 8:30 at a church in his hometown of memphis. he died last week at 85. he led the naacp to prominence in 1970s and 1980s. >>> funeral arrangements have been set for former baltimore archbishop william borders. he died yesterday of colon cancer. he was 96 years old. a public viewing take place thursday at 10:30 at the cathedral of mary our queen located at 5200 north charles street. on friday, reverend borders funeral will begin at 1:
are trying to figure out what caused the fire. >>> the latest developments on the west virginia mine explosion. rescuers were forced to pull back after they encountered dangerous levels of gasses. crews entered the mine before 5 after air samples indicated methane gas levels had dropped enough. they carried 30 pound oxygen tanks and traveled 5 miles into the mine. >> we're going into an atmosphere in part of the area that has been -- that has carbon monoxide levels that poses a risk if you pop your mask off. >> family and friends of the missing miners held a candle light vigil last night praying for a miracle. despite the evacuation this is still a rescue mission. >>> well, he says he was joking, but those on board a washington to denver flight weren't laughing. a passenger grabbed a smoke in the bathroom and joked about a shoe on fire triggered a bomb scare. two federal air marshals on board the flight demanded to know what was going on. after his response, restrained him according to this woman whose husband was on the plane. >> they thought maybe he tried to ignite something. >> n
from space. maryland all clear. west virginia and north carolina is where the cool front pushed to. the boundary is south. it will move north and create unsettled weather over the weekend. gorgeous looking friday evening out this. 60s. mostly sunny skies. stays mild and breezy. we'll talk about the changes and when we'll see heavy rain over the weekend. we'll time that out for you in a few minutes. >>> salvation army will be feeding thousands of families in baltimore who need it most this summer. today the organization held its second annual event. volunteers and staff packed 10,000 pounds of canned goods to help struggling families. the need of food increases in the summer season because children no longer receive free meals at school. >>> catholics pay final respects to the 13th arch bishop of baltimore. how he's being remembered tonight. >>> people who were supposed to be regulating wall street may need to be regulated themselves. what x-rated hobby they were doing instead of work ing. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, internet and phone -- guaranteed for two year
of explosive gas just before an explosion in a west virginia coal mine that killed 29 workers. the owner, massey says it was taken by a foreman 10 minutes before the explosion. investigators detected high levels of two potentially exbelieve gases in the mine and could be a month or more before they can go inside to determine exactly what caused that blast. >>> tour operators in england believe the travelers stranded because of the icelandache volcano are finally headed home. but 35,000 are so are stuck and won't get back home until friday. many other flights are back to normal. >>> a man is arrested in north carolina in an airport parking lot just after air force one took off and he will stay in jail for now. authorities say joseph mcveigh of ohio was armed and said he wanted to see the president. mcveigh is charged with a misdemeanor and held on $100,000 secured bond for the charge. if convicted he faces up to 120 days in jail. >>> tomorrow, governor martin o'malley will relaunch his re-election campaign in fells point. his campaign will start with a three-day tour of the state which i
-396-4987. >>> now the latest from mount coal, west virginia, the site of monday's deadly mine clams. rescue workers have drove through nearly a thousand feet of earth where 25 mine workers died. they're hoping that four miners still trapped underground might have survived, but so far, no signs of life. the crews hope to enter the mine as early as this afternoon. massey energy, the company that runs the mine and owns the mine has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars this year for repeated violations, 122 so far this year alone, 58 last month alone. >> this particular mine has had more violations than some of the others. it hasn't had a lost time accident until these fatals this year. >> now, officials are about 90% sure of the missing miners' location. the cause of the location still unknown tonight, but a buildup of methane gas, mixed with cole dust is the likely culprit. >>> today two of the victims from last week's mass shooting in d.c. were buried. friends and family gathered at funeral surveillances for 18- year-old davon boyd and william jones. a gunman shot and killed both victims as t
. charleston, west virginia in the 90s. again we are getting a cooling influence off the chesapeake in baltimore. few thin clouds out of the west. other than that all clear. beautiful friday evening as you head out and about. we should hang in the low 70s for a couple of hours. sunset not until 7:30. some daylight through almost 8:00 p.m. we'll talk about the weekend ahead and see what easter sunday shapes up to look like coming up. >> thank you, wyatt. >>> a huge explosion and a fire in a refinery in washington state. it rattled the neighborhood. find out what one neighbor thought was happening to his house. >>> new measures are in place to improve security in planes and mass transit following a failed christmas day bombing plot. what passengers will face. >>> plus, tax day deadline is getting closer. if you are not nearing your taxes find out which preparer to chose. ♪ let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fiber and whole grain... making him a great contender in this bout... against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you'v
are [ indiscernible ] over that deadly west virginia mine explosion. a company is suing the company's board of directors over the recent explosion that killed 29 miners. the new jersey building labor pension fund blames other chairman for the big blast. the lawsuit was filed last week in delaware. >>> and crews are setting fire to an oil spill in the gulf of mexico. something that's never been tried before off the u.s. coast. it's a last stitch effort to stop the spill from reaching the coast. the 500-foot boom will coral several thousand gallons of the thickest oil, towed to a remote area, set on fire and allowed to burn for about an hour. >>> on the weather front here in maryland, we have had a windy day, a day that saw sunshine early and then the clouds rolling into the afternoon. take a look at our satellite pictures right now and you can see we had very heavy cloud cover for a while this afternoon but breaking up now so getting clearing out there. should be a pretty sunset across maryland. wind gusts have been certainly high today, gusting to 30 at the 5:00 hour at bwi so a breezy day
an argument. >>> this 99-year-old may be one of the oldest fans of apple's ipad. virginia campbell's daughter gave it has a birthday gift as soon it was released. she suffers from glaucoma and giving her back her youth. >> before that, i could barely see to read. >> thanks to the brightly lit screen, she's already read two books and gotten back into writing poetry. this is the first computer she has ever owned. see a commercial coming there. >>> things are getting pretty smelly around some parts of seattle. >> it was a total shock. it's the last thing that we wanted to do because we actually, like me, i take pride in my job and taking care of my customers. >> and those 1 million customers are begging their local waste management crew to come back to work. members of the teamsters union walked off the job over some safety concerns but waste management officials say it's all about the money. >>> well, this university baseball player took a leap of faith. in the 8th inning of the game he was trying to get to home plate butted blocked by the -- but blocked by the catcher. he leapt over the catche
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13